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You have a story to tell.

Whether it's a full developmental edit, book cover design, or custom typography, your work deserves professional treatment from experienced experts.

Where are you in your writing process?

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I finished my manuscript and need help publishing

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I want to write a novel but I need help

Check out our current courses available in The Academy - from storytelling to plantsing, we cover the basics to growing your idea into a novel!

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"It was incredibly helpful, dare I say necessary, to have the guidance Nikki provided through the self-publishing process, especially when it came to the tech side of things. She shared insights and advice that have already helped me have an advantage to getting my physical book in stores. Nikki helped with the whole publishing timeline, as well as the questions I asked daily when I was uploading my manuscript and walking through the steps on the back end. It was also wonderful to work with an interior designer [Kristy] to make my book look beautiful, in ways I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Thank you to everyone I worked with at Tala — this process is stressful and it was very reassuring to know that someone would respond to my questions in a super timely way."

Emmi Fortin, Who is Your Red Dress?

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