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  • Can anyone crowdfund for their books?
    In a general sense, yes! There are many great sites and resources for crowdfunding projects of all types, such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Every author crowdfunding through Tala Editorial has been personally interviewed, consulted, and reviewed prior to establishing their book's campaign. This ensures that our goals for the book are aligned, our personalities mesh (super important for working together!), and the quality of the story is top-tier. This does mean that not every author we interviewed moved forward with their project, and while we are always open to new authors, books, and campaigns, we will continue to be selective in the process. Remember: our ultimate goal is always bookstore retail. And because those requirements and restrictions are so particular, we have to be just as particular in the projects we take on so we can ensure readers the best reading experience possible.
  • What happens if an author doesn't meet their goal?
    Every author is given 12 months to meet their preorder goals—plenty of time to market their book, hype up excitement, and get those 750 preorders! However, should the worst happen and the goal is not met, we're still going to work with them as much as the crowdfund can compensate. This means that if they only raised enough to cover a novel assessment, they will receive the novel assessment and all the benefits it includes. Maybe they raised enough to cover the editorial process, but not the marketing. We'll work with that, too! Whatever the case may be, we're dedicated to ensuring each author goes as far as they can with the resources and support we mutually bring to the table.
  • I want to support these authors, but I don't have any money. How can I help?
    Share, share, share! Sometimes the best support is word-of-mouth: the more people know the preorder campaign exists, the more opportunities for the author to reach their new audience now exist! And reaching new readers is one of the other huge challenges facing independent authors, who typically do not have the support of a PR team and personal agent like authors who traditionally publish. Make sure to tag the author(s) you're supporting in any social media posts so they can like, share, and support you as well!
  • How much do your services cost?
    Great question! We get asked this a lot because most editing/formatting sites list their prices, and as you've noticed, we do not. Why? Because we customize! Maybe you need the full Signature Editorial Package; maybe you need that plus the new Marketing Package; maybe you don't need any of that at all and just want a Novel Assessment. Whatever your needs are, they're unique to you. This is also why we require consultations prior to signing contracts and starting new projects: needs constantly change between the application and the consult! We'll work with you to determine the best plan of action to meet your ultimate goals, which means that "instant quotes" given on a webpage may end up being very inaccurate to what you'd actually want/need.
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