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Support Independent Authors

The #1 obstacle preventing most authors from publishing their stories—at bookstore retail quality—is money. And while it's "free" to publish on Amazon KDP, authors who DIY the process tend to receive low reviews, sit in low-sales limbo, and are generally barricaded from ever seeing their books on shelves in stores and libraries.

And here at Tala Editorial, we're just not okay with that.

We're also not okay with charging authors for services AND keeping their copyrights, royalties, and other compromises that take away the freedoms and liberties of being an independent author. Our mission is to support authors and preserve their stories, and such practices go against everything we believe in: that your stories belong to you, and your hard work and dedication earns you the financial rewards that are royalties.

This is exactly why we chose to debut an entirely new approach to independent publishing:

Preorder Crowdfunding!

How This Works:


By pre-ordering these novels, you're not only grabbing early access and first editions of fantastic books—you're supporting independent authors by helping them bring their dreams, and their stories, to life. 

When 750 pre-orders are made, the professional editorial process begins and our marketing team gets to work! Every book is edited, formatted, designed, and printed to meet the strict requirements of bookstore retail while preserving the unique creative voice and vision of the author. A fully-funded project also gives the author personalized, hands-on support from our marketing team which includes brand development, platform setup assistance, marketing assistance, and everything we can do to help them establish their authorship career for success and continual growth.

$10 - Receive an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC), eBook, and exclusive behind-the-scenes updates from the author

$20 - Receive an ARC, eBook, paperback, and exclusive updates from the author

$60 - Receive an ARC, eBook, hardcover, exclusive updates, and a personal note from the author

$100 - Receive an ARC, eBook, autographed Special Edition hardcover, a personal note from the author, and your name included inside the Acknowledgements page of the book

After the publishing day, printed copies will be shipped to everyone who preordered along with any additional benefits the author(s) adds at their discretion. And, best of all, each author keeps 100% copyrights over their own work, 100% royalties, and 100% creative control over their books and their career.

Shattered (3).png

by Richard Alexander

In the eastern side of the Appalachian range lies the small town of Greenvale, all but lost and forgotten by time. Despite the remote isolation, it’s home to people—and creatures—and mysteries all their own.

Detective Dameon Hayes spends most of his days tracking down missing people and providing security services to anyone who needs it. It’s always difficult to endure this time of year, the anniversary of the loss of his father, especially going into Lent at the same time. Surrounded by reminders of grief and sacrifice, it’s nothing short of a waking nightmare.


This year, it seems like the nightmares are worse than ever.


When someone, or something, from Dameon’s past comes haunting this quaint village, he finds himself drowning in the details of the case oldest and closest to his heart. Now it’s up to him to find what’s terrorizing Greenvale…


…before his father’s killer disappears back into the woods for another twenty years.

Shattered (10).png

by K. B. Broday

Kelilah is on a mission to kill the strongest ruler her world has ever had. She has everything she needs to pull it off: years of intense training, status as a candidate for the tournaments that determine future leaders, and her childhood best friend, Minjoon.

But the stakes are far too high for it to be easy. On top of a hidden genetic disorder impacted by the intensity of her abilities, the tyrant she’s determined to kill happens to be her own father.


Ari hates King Eli for disabling him and making him an orphan. For more than half his life, he has trained to be able to kill and dethrone him. It exhilarated him when he made it through the first tournament and became a clan candidate, especially since he now has the opportunity to fight the elusive daughter of the Sun King.


There’s only one problem: he’s falling for her.


And it seems the feeling is mutual.

Glass Souls by Clairisa Campbell

After an accident left her with nightmares, memory loss, and an inescapable phobia of mirrors, Rayne Higgins is ready for a fresh start. A college study abroad program in Venice feels like the perfect solution—it’s warm, enchanting, and far away from the worried gazes of her well-meaning family.

When a confrontation with a pickpocket turns into a deadly fight with a monster only she can see, Rayne finds herself thrown into the middle of an impossible war between worlds.


The pickpocket, Loic, is a knight from a world inside the mirror fighting a madman determined to destroy everything and everyone in both realms. The last thing Rayne wants is to join any sort of war—especially when it involves mirrors—but the more she tries to ignore the conflict, the darker the shadows become in her mind.


Shadows that include a royal secret with a potent connection to Rayne.

With the fate of two worlds resting on her shoulders, Rayne must face her worst demons—including the ones in the mirror.

by Cici Myers

The Wishmaker has made themselves known—but how do you find a killer when you have no clue who they are?


It is up to me and my Devils: Aden, Tristian, and Sebastian, to find out who is going around Providence Village causing chaos and leaving bodies in their wake. The fact that someone is bound and determined to keep Bash behind bars on false murder charges means we're definitely following the right trail.


With the new drug "Pixie Dust" making its way through Providence Village, destroying fae and humans alike, the clock is ticking faster than we can find the missing mermaids—and we need to find them before The Wishmaker kills them, too.

Shattered (15).png

by Jeanette T. Queen

An ancient evil is rising once more. War is coming. The time for a new Pendragon to rise and take over where Arthur left off is now.


Elizabeth has lived a sheltered life, never getting close to anyone, afraid they would just leave like everyone else in her life has. Her post-college plan was simple: take a boring office job at a multi-billion-dollar company owned by a family friend, then decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life.


Destiny has other plans. 


Magic and supernatural beings are the stuff of legends, found only in books or on television. Not in real life; not in her real life. But Elizabeth quickly finds herself at the deep end of a magical war that has been brewing for centuries—a war where she is supposed to be the hero. 


Problem is, she has no idea why. 


She doesn't know about the legendary blood running through her veins, or the power and responsibility that comes with her legacy. She's completely clueless in the realities of her very mythical existence, and it will take an army of allies to help her stand against the monstrous threat determined to exterminate the line of Pendragon from the face of the earth.

Shattered (9).png

by Raelynn Davis

"Safe" was the only word Belisama heard when she and her twin sister, Ixchel, received word that they could return home after spending their life on Earth. Being with others like them would be better for the twins. They would be able to stop hiding who they were. Ixchel would learn to control her vast elemental abilities, and Belisama would have the opportunity to live a life outside of her born duty to protect her sister.


But life on Marselai isn’t as safe as their mother led them to believe. 


There are still people who would seek out and abuse Ixchel’s abilities if they knew how powerful she was, and Belisama is still Ixchel’s best chance to stay hidden. Balancing her lifelong duty to her sister with the deep desire to be her own person, Belisama must walk a delicate line between the light and the shadows as she enters a world bubbling with political tension and dualities that threaten to pull the sisters apart.


She'll do anything to protect her sister, even if that means destroying herself—or everyone else.

Shattered (11).png

by Jean Allen

She’s the second Princess. He’s the son of a viscount.

He’s loved her since they were kids, devoting his entire life to her service, knowing he can never be at her side. She’s tucked her feelings deep down, refusing to let herself think of him as anything more than her loyal subject and guard—until a massive betrayal turned her world upside down. 


Now she’s forced to flee the castle, and he’s the only one she can trust. 


Can they contain their suppressed feelings beyond the castle walls? 


Can he keep her safe from the hidden threats the king has crafted? 


Can she keep him safe from the dark secrets of her kingdom?


When the secrets and threats come to light under the blood moon, who will be left standing, and who will wear the crown?

Shattered (12).png

by Celia Cleaveland

The Afterlife has a flyover state, and it's called Purgatory. 

Overlooked, often misunderstood, and exactly where Terry ends up.


After taking her own life, Terry isn't met with pearly gates or fire and brimstone, but with gray office buildings and a crummy apartment. She wakes up on Purgatory's lowest level with no memory of her life, a lot of questions, and with a job to do: work off the years she had left on Earth as a Soul Shepherd in the hope of achieving a better ultimate destination.


She meets Dean, her quippy, sarcastic manager who evades her questions at every turn, but whose help Terry will need if she ever has a chance to move forward or find out who she used to be. And with the help of new friends who know what it's like to be stuck in limbo, she's determined to make the best of a weird situation.


Besides...what's the worse that could happen?

Shattered (13).png

by Roxanna Mason

Jacey Lange always wanted a love that was life-altering. After nearly a year of chance encounters and whirlwind romances, she discovered she had it all along in her best friend, Leon.

And just as she was about to spend her life with him... 

Leon made a confession.

There was a reason nearly every man she fell for seemed so familiar—and a reason her best friend of ten years refused to open up about his past. Leon not only has the ability to shapeshift into any kind of man she wants, but the ability to alter the very fabric of her reality.

This is definitely not the kind of life-altering love she had in mind.

While struggling to decide if she can accept the inconceivable truth about the man she loves, Jacey finds herself face to face with the past he's been running from—and a future neither of them anticipated.

Shattered (2).png
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